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With over 25 years of experience in the not for profit accounting sector, we have comprehensive knowledge of how not for profits, charities and associations operate.

We’re experts in managing the books and supporting organisations with financial services.

Our accounting handover checklist helps CEOs navigate internal changes. We utilise and implement the best technology and provide training and quality financial information so you can focus on your mission.




True Accounting understands the range of financial work required in a not for profit organisation. We know it can be hard to resource with one person.

Whether it’s for payroll processing, technical accounting, reporting, management analysis or CFO support, we use our broad range of skills to help you determine your processes, refine your reports and help you set and achieve your goals.

By working with you to implement advanced processes, our Outsourced Finance Department model will increase the quality of your accounting and bookkeeping.

We give your Board, regulators and other key stakeholders the peace of mind that you have the depth of expertise, strategic advice and quality reporting and guidance to sustain your business.



Moving your accounts to new software can seem daunting for even the most experienced finance department. But rest assured, we have the technical expertise to make the process as straightforward as possible.

As early adopters of Xero’s cloud accounting software, we have extensive knowledge of the system and have completed many successful rollouts.

You will be impressed by the benefits of Xero. It is user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

We will work closely with your team so you can reach competency quickly and painlessly… with minimal downtime and no impact to your regular accounting cycles.



We run customised training in a number of formats, including workshops and conferences.

True Accounting is a Xero Advisor Certified Practice. We offer training and support when you convert to Xero, getting you up to competency quickly and efficiently.

With our customised ‘Understanding Financial Reports’ program, we help your Senior Managers and Board decipher complex financial reports to give them clarity and confidence.

Some of the services we provide to not for profits, charities and associations include:

Financial systems assessment – a comprehensive review of your accounting processes with clear, prioritised recommendations for compliance and efficiency.

Reporting – we can help you to develop a suite of reports in layouts that suit your organisation’s information needs using Xero and Spotlight Reporting.

Xero optimisation – we ensure your cost centre framework and chart of accounts are structured to provide the information you need, and we’ll help you to optimise your use of Xero’s tools to maximise efficiency.

National Standard Chart of Accounts – agreed to by all Australian governments, the NSCOA has been implemented by a number of State Governments to reduce red tape and is now owned by the ACNC. AFG can help you to map your current structure to the NSCOA and migrate your accounting data for ease of reporting.

Start up assistance – short cut your setup by tapping into our deep knowledge of Xero, not for profit accounting and compliance requirements to get you started on the right foot.



Our standalone CFO service compliments your finance team and provides you with a depth of experience gained over many years in hundreds of organisations

If you don’t have the budget or scale to employ a full-time CFO, we can provide a service to suit your business needs.

We will help you to forecast, plan and report effectively, and our CA and CPA qualified staff have the qualifications and expertise to satisfy your Board and regulators.

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